The Hungarian Tourism Agency is launching a domestic traffic stimulus campaign

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2021. 06. 14. 10:29
The Hungarian Tourism Agency (MTÜ) is launching a large-scale domestic traffic stimulating campaign, 12 campaign films, even more public space posters, online and newspaper advertisements will be shown in different parts of the country, with targeted messages to those living there, MTÜ told MTI on Monday.

According to the information, those interested will be able to meet the posters and short films of the campaign all over the country from June 14.

In each county you will be able to see films and advertisements about different tourist areas.
The basis of the planning was provided by the database of the National Tourism Data Center, which has been collecting statistical data since its launch in 2019, among other things, about which destinations in Hungary are the most attractive for people living in different cities and counties. (MTI)

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