Péter Balázs: „It is great that Hungary and Hungarian mentality in general is very open”

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2022. 10. 03. 19:03

Trade magazin’s Business Podcast, Future Talks with Szilvia Krizsó continues

The latest episode of Future Talks features Péter Balázs, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, who was the guest of Szilvia Krizsó. The article contains only parts of the conversation. The whole interview is available to watch at futuretalks.hu.

– What do you think about the war between Russia and Ukraine?

Balázs Péter volt külügyminiszter

It is a war that moves the entire world and the end of it cannot be foreseen. There is no way that a nation stays away from a conflict like this without expressing a clear view thereon. And so did every country of the world.

In this war two social models collide and struggle. The choice of the Ukrainian people is in focus, who want to belong to the West. The EU-NATO wants to enforce the Western model, while China and India support Russia.

– Considering the current trends, what do you think the world map will look like in 10-15 years?

– It is exciting to envelope forecasts and open them in – let’s say – 15 years. Looking ahead 10 years, a pink and a black scenario outline. The world is in transformation, in the course of which more than two poles seem to be emerging. And I would underline the fact that it is a process in progress.

– But the fact that it’s a process underway makes it quite hard for governments to make the right decisions in order to be in a position of strength, doesn’t it?

– Handholds are there from the previous bipolar system.
In case of Hungary, however, the question arises whether mere provocation can make a country of this size a global political player. I am sure that showing bad example and vetoing are not enough, but it may happen that others use such actors as mouthpieces.

– How do you see the future of the EU?

– Large international structures used to be quite powerless. Even if their performance deteriorates, no power can remake or replace them.
I see, however, a way of renewal based on a phenomenon in international dynamics. As the number of nations taking part in a cooperation increases, a “kernel” develops that wants to enforce something new with great vigour.

„When we look 10 years ahead, a pink and a black scenario outline.”

– Should we prepare for another migration wave – now from Africa – loaded with fights here and there?

– While we are just talking, there is an unprecedented vehement migration going on from Ukraine. But you’ve referred to a wave from the South that may partly be affected by the war between Russia and Ukraine. Because if Russian and Ukrainian grain supplies fall, this can impact the Horn of Africa, where famine will break out and people will leave their homelands in desperation. But I think the world has learned its lesson since 2016 and is more prepared. And Hungary is not directly exposed to such attacks.

– One final question: what should we read if we want to see the big picture?

– I would insist on consulting multiple sources, possibly in different languages. It is always comparative analysis that grants the best overview.
Hungary has good potential, but we must be careful to see the reality instead of falling for dogmas, beliefs or political lies. //

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