B to B vitamin

By: trademagazin Date: 2008. 12. 16. 08:00

Though few bar/restaurant owners have been trained in marketing, sometimes they still excel in instinctive marketing communication. Let’s see two examples of successful marketing in the bar/restaurant business. The most important marketing tool which exists in the restaurant and bar business is word of mouth propaganda. This is how we have found the Irish Dog pub. Though the “Mediterranean” trend is gradually replacing the pub style in bars, this seems to have no effect on the popularity of Irish Dog. The atmosphere is authentically pub-like and the guest book has been signed by several celebrities, with remarks which appear to be sincere. The majority of guests are regulars, although the place has become quite trendy. Five fine draught beers are sold and there are seven hundred kinds of whisky to choose from. Events like parties, or football games on TV also attract many people, apart from the regular guests. According to the philosophy of the owner, attention paid to guests is worth more than any advertisement. A four page insert under the title “Sinatra & Friends News” was published in Napi Gazdaság, on 15. October. It turned out to be a menu as well, promoting a series of events in a restaurant called Jardinette. Frank Sinatra & Friends is the name of jazz nights held on a regular basis. The insert was printed in the same colour as Napi Gazdaság and delivered to subscribers living in Budapest and also to decision makers on a mailing list. Gastronomy, jazz, profit – these can all be linked, provided we have a creative idea.

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