The municipality gave up on the sale of the minority part of Gyulahús Kft

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 09. 29. 11:35

In a closed session, without debate, the Gyula representative body decided unanimously to close the sales process of Gyulahús Kft., mayor Ernő Görgényi (Fidesz-KDNP) informed MTI on Thursday.

According to publicly available company data, profit after tax increased from HUF 392 million in 2020 to almost HUF 656 million in 2021

The city manager said that three offers were received for the capital raising procedure announced last fall for up to 49 percent of the municipally-owned company, but none of them met the ideas of the representative body, which is why they decided not to proceed with the more detailed, second-round negotiations and screenings with any of the bidders. .

Ernő Görgényi added that in the meantime it was revealed that Gyulahús Kft., which is 100 percent owned by the local government, won HUF 4.8 billion EU development funds with a 50 percent support intensity within the framework of the call for complex development of food plants. This is how the company’s positions have improved, the sale of the ownership part with the received options does not serve the interests of the business company or the city, the mayor declared.


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