The future of the supply chain: Cobots, drones and artificial intelligence cameras

By: Trademagazin Date: 2021. 01. 25. 18:34
Simonyi Dénes, Deloitte

Dénes Simonyi
Deloitte Technology
Advisory Services

The Deloitte Technology Trends 2021 study has revealed: in the near future members of the supply chain will focus on sharing data, and the whole product chain will become visible instead of the chains of individual companies.

New technologies are going to spread and the appearance of robots and collaborative robots (cobots) will entail lower costs; the safety and reliability of processes will increase. Drones will do the delivery and artificial intelligence cameras will make it easier to monitor larger areas.

Dénes Simonyi, a manager at Deloitte Technology Advisory services told: analytics-based supply chain management can support decision-making in managing the effects of a crisis like COVID-19. //