Nestlé searces for the secret of healthy aging

By: trademagazin Date: 2008. 05. 21. 00:06

On 20 May the first Nestlé research department in Japan has been opened at the Tokyo University. The cooperation which is the part of the Nestlé Science and Research Network, puts great emphasis on the connection between healthy aging and nutrition.

According to the plans, the company and the university will jointly examine the 21st century relationship of health and nutrition as well as the development of healthy foods. Healthy aging will be a key topic. Aging is not only affected the japanese population, it is a world problem. Nestlé – which operates the world's largest private food research network center. In the next three years Nestlé will invest 900 000 Swiss francs into the program. As the part of the network, Nestlé Hungary, will hear first-hand about the most recent research results, which will be used in the Sensory lab in Szerencs and in the Developing Kitchen in Budapest – said Suhajda Krisztina Head of Communication at Nestlé Hungaria.

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