From German to Latin taste

By: trademagazin Date: 2006. 11. 20. 08:00

Hungary’s geological treasures create an environment where the mineral content of natural mineral water is high, and exceptionally healthy for human consumption. The output of the Hungarian production was 700 million liters of bottled mineral water in 2005. The size/price ratio of bottles makes the export of mineral water rather unprofitable. Mineral water consumption is rising in the country, due to the growing number of newly established companies and new bottle designs. The lobby groups of the sector would rather increase selective waste-collection and recycling instead of agreeing on raise of the share for re-fillable bottles planned by the Ministry of Environment (the planned ratio for 2007 is from 1 to 7). In Hungary carbonated mineral water is more popular (70% of the mineral water entering the market contains gas, of which 5% is mildly carbonated). The most popular bottle in retail is the 1.5 l plastic bottle, while in catering it is the 0.33 glass bottle. The consumption in Hungary will continue to increase, and will probably reach the 95 liter annual consumption per capita in one or two years, but might even reach the German or Swiss standards (120 l ).

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