Magazine: Rising dairy product prices

By: jungandrea Date: 2018. 03. 19. 07:25

According to the Agricultural Economics Research Institute (AKI) and KSH’s market price information system (PÁIR), a forecast by German food economics research centre IFE predicts that the European Union’s milk output will continue to increase until the middle of May. The price of butter produced in Hungary grew by 28 percent in 12 months. Sour cream’s price augmented by 17 percent and cottage cheese became 8 percent more expensive. We had to pay 6 percent more for 2.8-percent fat fresh milk in carton and 5 percent more for 1.5-percent fat long shelf life milk in carton. The price of 2.8-percent fat long shelf life milk in carton was up 4 percent. Trappist cheese cost 3 percent more in December 2017 than December 2016. //

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