AM: higher grape purchase prices can be achieved through joint selling

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2021. 11. 12. 11:28
In addition to the mechanization of viticulture, the modernization of plantations, and the simplification of administrative and tax rules, the government also helps wine growers with the possibility of establishing simple producer co – operations, Feldman Zsolt, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Agriculture said in Soltvadkert.

Government backs viticultural cooperations

Feldman Zsolt spoke about the sales difficulties of grape and wine producers. As he stated, the problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic are compounded by the situation that remains here in Hungary as a historical heritage: each producer tries to sell its products separately. In the traditional European wine-producing countries, the smaller wine producers do not sell their grapes independently, but in the framework of cooperatives and co-operations, so they can enforce the interests of their members with greater results. (MTI)

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