Half of the employees in the private sector are dissatisfied with their salary

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 10. 03. 10:29

The effects of economic difficulties on the labor market are only gradually and delayed. 49 percent of employees working for companies are dissatisfied with their salary, and 52 percent plan to change jobs within a year. For the time being, 55 percent do not feel that, if it were to happen, a job change would be more difficult for them than a year earlier, according to Trenkwalder’s labor market research conducted in mid-September.

8 percent of the respondents would change jobs even for a 10 percent higher salary

Following the release of consumer prices, the labor market reached a turning point in August: inflation creeping above 15 percent is now completely neutralizing the rate of wage growth, and a decrease in real wages is also likely in the coming months. In this situation, in a survey of 500 people, Trenkwalder assessed the attitudes of employees in the private sector regarding their salary and their current workplace.

The effects of inflation are also felt by employees, which also contributes to the fact that 49 percent of respondents are dissatisfied with their current wage level. 28 percent of those dissatisfied with their salary would be satisfied with a salary increase of 20 percent, and another 34 percent would consider an additional income of between 20 and 30 percent adequate.

Satisfaction with salary is not closely related to whether the person received a salary increase during the year: 44 percent of those who were dissatisfied had their salary increased during the year. 8 percent of all respondents would change jobs even for a 10 percent higher salary, and 68 percent would leave their current job for a 30 percent more favorable alternative job offer.


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