Shell celebrates women and helps children with handicaps and their families on Shell Women’s Day

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 03. 08. 08:24

On March 8, the network of Shell filling stations in Hungary is waiting for women with a special gift. Every female customer receives a little attention at any Shell filling station, which can be exchanged for a cup of coffee and used for her own time, or can be given as a gift, thereby supporting the operation of the Gézengúz Foundation. Shell aims to direct attention to the importance of women’s social appreciation and equality on this day as well.

Shell believes that diversity and common ground are important keys to corporate success, which is why it is committed to improving gender equality. One of the impressions of this commitment is that Shell Hungary zRt. the proportion of women and men is already 50-50 in its board of directors. According to the experience of Shell managers, management and workforce reflecting the composition of society provide space for greater creativity, more effective work, and high-quality customer service every day.


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