The Törley champagne dressed in white on the occasion of the International World Day of Champagne!

By: trademagazin Date: 2016. 10. 21. 11:20

Excellence Chardonnay

In line with the world trend, the painted champagne bottles are becoming increasingly popular in Hungary. Foreign well-known champagne producers such as the Möet Chandon, the G.H. Mumm, the J.P Chenet, the Zonin, the Fürst von Metternich or Henkell are producing limited editions for special occasions.
In preparation for the season the Törley Champagne Cellars is launching its latest surprise this fall. The white bottled, tank-fermented sweet and dry flavors are the best for special occasions. The launch was preceded by extensive market research. The Hungarian consumers have clearly opted for the white color.

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