Henkel contributes to protecting the rain forests

By: trademagazin Date: 2009. 01. 28. 00:00

In order to promote and establish the Book & Claim system for palm kernel oil, Henkel has, as the first company in the world, now purchased such palm kernel oil certificates.

 Around 35 percent of the surfactants
used in the laundry and home care products and cosmetics produced by
Henkel are based on renewable raw materials. The commodities involved
primarily take the form of palm kernel oil and coconut oil. Although
Henkel uses less than one percent of worldwide palm oil and palm
kernel oil production indirectly through its consumption of
surfactants, since 2003 the company has been involved in the
Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil or ‘RSPO’. This was created in
2002/03 on the initiative of, among others, the WWF, with the purpose
of promoting and monitoring sustainable palm oil and palm kernel oil
production. In particular, Henkel supports a marketing model for
sustainable palm oil and palm kernel oil: the Book & Claim
system. This scheme separates the certificates from the physical
product flows. A well-known example for such a certification system
is that applied to eco-electricity, which is traded in Germany on the
basis of similar criteria. Only those plantations that satisfy the
strict requirements laid down by the RSPO – which includes the
non-felling of rain forests – qualify to receive the associated


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