NESTLÉ FITNESS is now made using a new recipe

By: jungandrea Date: 2017. 09. 07. 10:28

We can stay dynamic with the help of oat and vitamin B

NESTLÉ FITNESS breakfast cereal is now made using a new recipe. The product contains oat, which contributes to reducing one’s cholesterol level, and vitamins B2, B3, B5 and B6, which energise the body. We wake up in the morning not having eaten for 8-12 hours, so our body needs a nourishing and balanced breakfast: about 40g from the new NESTLÉ FITNESS breakfast cereal can be consumed with 125ml of low fat milk (or yogurt), some kind of seasonal fruit and oilseeds. Let’s not forget that besides following a diverse and balanced diet, one must also be physically active in order to stay healthy. Recommended consumer price: HUF 999.