The beer glasses of 2016 – Picture of the day

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 10. 13. 10:23

Sempli, best known for their Cupa line of glasses that rotate on a point in the base, knows how to make a fantastic glass that also makes a statement. For the latest release, designer Daniele “Danne” Semeraro turned his keen eye to everyone’s favorite sudsy beverage. The Monti Taste Collection includes four different glasses—one for IPA, one for Pilsner, one for Pints, and one for 12oz bottles. This collection is specifically designed with a flat bottom and convex interior (the first Sempli has produced) to enhance the effervescence of carbonated beverages. Short of popping the top on a wax-coated whale, this is the coolest you can look while drinking beer.

2016 sorospoharai - A nap kepe 1

2016 sorospoharai - A nap kepe 2

2016 sorospoharai - A nap kepe 3

2016 sorospoharai - A nap kepe 4


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